Dot Champa (greenthumbchick) wrote,
Dot Champa

Aloha !

Greetings from Hawaii! It's been just lovely here.

We have learned a few things:

1. Surfing is hard. Real surfers make it look easy. We're falling down much less often...
2. Grass skirts are cute, but itchy.
3. There might not be a sign for the high-water mark, but you can still figure it out if you look closely.

Otherwise, I can now say that I dangled my feet in the ocean and had my toes nibbled on by crabs. It tickles a lot, but it doesn't hurt. The black-sand beaches are so much prettier in person than pictures make them out to be, and that's saying a lot. I want to take some home with us when we leave.

If we ever leave, that is.....

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