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Dot's Dots

My Secret Garden

Dot Champa
Colorado native -- firmly rooted in a new place.

Originally from Colorado, Dot (and her family) were shuffled out to California for less than a year. When Dot's father's job relocated the family back to Granite City, she lost touch with the people she had come to know while living in Sunnydale. She settled into her day-to-day life, working as a tour guide/jill-of-all-trades for the National Park Service before stumbling across an interdimensional hangout known simply as The Char Loft.

Because of its unique location, the Loft attracts people from all times and places. Dot ran into people she had known from the Sunnydale days, and made it her personal mission to find her friends and bring them to the Loft as well. With the help of her friend Katie, (also originally from Sunnydale), the two girls set to work finding and fetching as many of their friends as they could lay hands on. In the process, Katie came to live with Dot's family, and a relationship developed between them.

Dot and Katie now live with their dog in World's End, the little town where the Loft is located. Dot has been put in charge of an afterschool program for children that come to the park, and no longer works as a tour guide.